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Start contributing to an efficiernt management of your city, the roads you use, the landscape under your vision. Report your diagnosis of the threathened nature.

Wake up decision makers - foster their action.

SperoBox: Public Participation web Spatial Decision Support System
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Integrated reporting and Spatial Decision Support System (SDSS) web server that enables citizens to report occurrences in the public space and provides methods for decision makers to classify those occurrences for planning subsequent action, using GoogleMaps, social networks, and Operations Research methodologies, such as multicriteria analysis (multiattribute/multiobjective). This system is versatile and can be retrofit for different contexts (e.g., private company reporting & acting, utilities management, networks maintenance, inclusion of specific models/algorithms, etc.).

  • Citizens report occurrences via web browser or mobile devices.
  • Reports are georreferenced and fit into categories/subcategories.
  • Occurrences broadcast and are followed via social networks.
  • Decision makers analyse/classify occurrences with the integrated multi-criteria decision support methods base.
  • Versatile system that can be retrofit for different contexts (private company reporting & acting, utilities management, networks maintenance, inclusion of specific models/algorithms, etc.).

SperoBox combines state-of-the-art technologies with cutting-edge methodologies…

  • GoogleMaps spatial representation
  • Hierarchical occurrence categories & subcategories database with respective attributes
  • Users database with group privilegies (report, DSS usage, administration…)
  • Link to Facebook ensures tracking followers of users or occurrences
  • Number of Followers may be used as a criteria proxy (~social importance…)
  • An interactive multicriteria decision support methods base
  • Analysis may be performed at the level of a category, or sub(sub)category…
  • Results in a sorted list of occurrences and on the map with color-coded pins..

New features and improvements will be available in the near future.

Customizations for infrastructure management in particular areas such as roads, water supply networks, buildings, public lighting, etc. are under construction.

SperoBox is also available for Android™ and iOS™ Apple™ (iPad, iPhone, iPod) devices.

The power of SperoBox is availabale at:







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