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Location of Multiple-Compartment Contaneirs for Urban Sorted Waste - A Multiobjective Approach Applied to a Case Study (38 MB + 21 MB, En)

A Multiobjective Approach to Locate Emergency Shelters and Identify Evacuation Routes in Urban Areas
(35 MB, En)

Multrix - Interactive Multicriteria Location-Routing Spatial Decision Support System
(25 MB, En)

Multi-vehicle Multi-route Spatial Decision Support System
(45 MB, En)

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A Multicriteria Spatial Decision Support System for Planning Urban Infrastructure Investments
(20 MB, En)

Web-baseb Multicriteria DSS for Building Evaluation in Urban Renovation Projects
(35 MB, En)

Multicriteria Decision Support System for Housing Evaluation
(16 MB, En)

Environmental Impacts Over Regions and Urban Facilities
(25 MB, En)

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Constrained Shortest Pah - A new methodological approach
(14 MB, En)

Coimbra Facilities - Analysis of a Multifunctional Space
(35 MB, En+Pt)

SIGUrb-Urban Management Information Syste
(73 MB, Pt)

Sistema Web Flexível para Gestão e Apoio à Decisão Multidimencional
(15 MB, Pt)

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A Multiobjective Modeling Approach to Locating Incinerators
(11 MB, En)

Gestão de Empreendimentos e Obras de Engenharia
(63 MB, Pt)

Ecological Footprint
(28 MB, En))

(34 MB, Pt)

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Engenharia Civil e DEC@FCTUC
(35MB, Pt)

Public Participation web Spatial Decision Support System
(50 MB, En)

Matrix - Web-based multicriteria decision support system
(33 MB, En)

web-Routing - A web-based routing heuristic decision support system - Concept proof
(31 MB, En)

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Urban evacuation modelling with heuristics
(63MB, Pt)

Building a bicycle suitability map for coimbra
20 MB, En)

How energy-greedy are urban populations & transportation
(58 MB, En)

Algorithm Server (inc.)
(8 MB)