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Civil Engineering MSc - The Book
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Engenharia Civil e DEC@FCTUC
A Mãe de todas as Engenharias…
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Engenharia Civil PhD
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Urbanismo,Transportes e Vias de Comunicação
Perfil do Mestrado em Engª Civil FCTUC
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Visões para o Futuro
Elementos para Reflexão
Global / Sustainability Engineering

O que se faz, ensina e pensa noutros sítios
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Civil & Environmental Engineering at the University of Coimbra pushes forwards the frontiers of knowledge by facing some of the biggest challenges of the XXI century. We provide skills and analysis tools, teach the technologies required to conceive and manage all kinds of infrastructures taking into account environmental issues and the challenges of sustainability.

We develop methodologies and techniques to solve important new problems in the various scientific areas vital to nowadays and future societal needs. The research carried out on material resources and complex systems takes into account the design, implementation and management of civil infrastructures and natural systems with which they interact - the tasks of Civil and Environmental Engineers.

The interdisciplinary nature of the knowledge transmitted to the students allows them to develop imaginative solutions for difficult engineering problems. Courses at DEC prepare students from all around the world with solid knowledge, to occupy leadership positions in Civil and Environmental Engineering wherever they choose to apply their skills.







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